Kust Keratin LE Lissage 33.8oz - GVA hair
Kust Keratin LE Lissage 33.8oz - GVA hair
Kust Keratin LE Lissage 33.8oz - GVA hair
Kust Keratin LE Lissage 33.8oz - GVA hair
Kust Keratin LE Lissage 33.8oz - GVA hair
Kust Keratin LE Lissage 33.8oz - GVA hair

Kust Keratin LE Lissage 33.8oz

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  •  1) The product offers up to three different services in the Salon.
  •  2) Prevents yellowing and discoloration of hair.
  •  3) Without formaldehyde, guaranteed.
  •  4) Easy to apply.
  •  5) Unsurpassed brightness.
  •  6) The results last from one to six months, depending on the type of service.
  •  7) High rentability
  •  8) With high proteins and minerals that will enrich and strengthening you hair fiber

    "The professional will be guided stage by stage and can thus propose three different types of services in the Salon"

 RELAX - Botox Effect  -  Frizz Control.
 Reduction of only two levels of natural undulation.  An intelligent solution for indomitable hair and to reduce frizzing.

 SMOOTH - Smooth smoothing  -  Volume reduction.
 A natural finish without the hair looking extremely straight and straight.  Temporary treatment that gives hair a natural straightening.  The results last from one to three months.  This service reduces up to three levels the natural ondolucacion.

 STRONG - Intense straightening  -  Lasting effect.
 Process that aligns the bridges of the hair fiber in a more permanent way.  A prolonged application time and the heat of the plate, are applied to restructure the bonds of the bridges.  The results last from three to six months.  This service reduces natural undulation up to four levels.


 Wash the hair with a clarifying shampoo in order to remove all impurity as well as dirt or traces of products.
 Dry hair 75% (leave 25% of humidity). Maintain a slight humidity evenly throughout the hair.
 Divide the hair into thin and equal sections.  Apply section by section Kust Le Lissage with the help of an applicator brush and a comb to make the cream pass between the hair.  Apply from 1/2 centimeter of the roots to the ends spreading the product well on the hair.


- RELAX - Botox Effect - Curling Control
                       20 to 30 minutes
 - SMOOTH - Smooth smoothing - Volume control
                       40 to 45 minutes                       
- STRONG - Intense straightening - Lasting effect
                       1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes                      
 Rinse hair only with water until the product is removed.  Drain with a towel.  DO NOT APPLY ANY SHAMPOO.

 After slightly drying the hair, proceed to brushing (blowdry).  This part is very important in the Protocol: the hair must be dry regularly and evenly from the root to the tip.

 Make sure you have a good quality iron, preferably titanium.  Iron the hair by taking wicks 1/2 to 1 centimeter thick.  The temperature of the iron should be 230 degrees Celsius (446 degrees Fahrenheit).
      - RELAX - Botox Effect - Curling Control
                        5 to 6 ironed                   
      - SMOOTH - Smooth smoothing - Volume control
                        6 to 9 ironed
      - STRONG - Strong smoothing - Lasting effect
                        10 to 15 ironed


we recommend should not wash your hair for 48 hours.  That they should apply a treatment after the first shampoo. for example link below


And also do not perform any technical-chemical procedure during the same period of time.
 Maintenance: to ensure optimal results and durability, it is imperative to use a sulfate-free shampoo, for example link below





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